BridgePoint meets at 10487 Harcum Rd, Sundays at 11am

**Sunday service (1/24) and all other activities cancelled due to inclement weather**

Making a Comeback


There is something inspiring about a great comeback story. Whether it is about an individual, a sports team, or an organization, comeback stories tend to awaken a sense of hope within us. They help us to believe that
making a comeback may be possible in our own lives.
Over 2000 years ago, God orchestrated the greatest comeback in human history by raising Jesus Christ from the dead. The good news for us is that God is the God of the comeback! He is still in the business of offering new
beginnings and hope to all who will trust Him.
During this teaching series, Making a Comeback, we will learn how to lean into God’s strength and discover what it takes in order to experience a turnaround. Together we will be inspired to believe that making a comeback is
possible, no matter what our circumstances may be.


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